Tenants Rules and Responsibilities

As a tenant there are rules you have to follow and you have responsibilities. As a tenant you must:

  • pay your rent and service charges and household bills
  • keep your room/home clean and tidy
  • put all of your rubbish in the bin and put the bins out for collection every week on the right day
  • tell us if something is broken and needs repairing
  • allow us into your home to inspect it, carry out maintenance checks and carry out repairs
  • ask us if you want to keep any pets in your home

As a tenant you must not:

  • smoke anywhere inside your home. If you smoke, you should smoke outside at the back of the property
  • make too much noise
  • do anything that may cause a nuisance or annoyance to us or any other person
  • alter or redecorate your room without permission
  • damage anything in your home on purpose
  • breach our Visitors Policy or allow anyone to move in with you
  • move out without telling us

All of these things are mentioned in your tenancy documents and our other policies. We will spend time with you going through your tenancy documents and helping you to understand the rules and your responsibilities as a tenant. You will also find more information in our tenant handbook.

It is important to remember that your visitors are also expected to follow the rules in your tenancy document.

What happens if you break the rules?

If you break any of the rules in your tenancy document we will talk to you about it and see if we can resolve the issue.

If you continue to break the rules you could be evicted and we may ask you to move out.

There are some actions and behaviours that we call gross misconduct and you could be evicted straight away without notice if you do any of these things.

You may want to look at our Evictions Policy for more information.

If you think someone has broken the rules

If you think someone has broken any of our rules (including yourself) you should speak to a member of staff who can help you, or make a complaint.