About Us

Anchor Properties is a family run business and our focus is to deliver housing and housing related services in ways our tenants want them delivered.

When did it all start?

The company director Marian Parkinson opened the company's first house in January 1989 on Stanhope Road in Strood. The row of Victorian houses on Stanhope Road were called Anchor Terrace and that's where the name for the company came from. To Marian, Anchor means stability and safety.

In 2012, Anchor became a for-profit registered provider of social housing which means we are now regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency (the HCA) and we have to meet their standards.

Our vision

We provide social housing to adults with learning disabilities in Medway - a tenant group which we feel is not otherwise adequately served by other housing opportunities in the area.

We aim to improve the quality of lifestyle for our tenants by providing high quality, tenant focused services that meet their needs and the needs of future tenants.

Our values

Our values are to:

  • listen to and communicate with all of our tenants and stakeholders in an appropriate, timely, accurate, understanding and respectful manner
  • engage with our tenants, their families, appointees and advocates to ensure that their wellbeing, rights and choices are being respected
  • treat all of our residents and stakeholders with respect, integrity, trust and fairness
  • be flexible and open to change
  • implement effective and efficient business processes for the benefit of our tenants and stakeholders whilst making the best of our resources and ensuring that we deliver value for money services
  • promote a positive environment where everyone is involved, accountable, respected and appreciated
  • be the best we can be and take pride in our services
  • work to high standards of governance and probity by being open, honest and decent

Our plans and performance

If you would like to know more about our business plans and performance against our plans, please take a look at our Business Plan, Annual Reports and other company literature.

Service standards

We have set service standards for lots of different areas of our work so that people know what to expect from us. We will report on our performance against our standards every year as part of our company's Annual Report. You can make a complaint if you do not feel we are meeting our standards.