We always try our best to get things right for our tenants but sometimes things go wrong. If you are not happy about something to do with our services you should tell us. This is called making a complaint.

Why should I complain? 

It is important that you complain if you are not happy about something so we can put things right. We welcome complaints because they help us to improve our services and stop things going wrong for other people. If you have a complaint we will listen to you, respect your privacy and treat everyone fairly.

How can I make a complaint?

Talk to a member of staff because they may be able to help you and put things right straight away. If you are still not happy you can make a formal complaint by speaking to a Manager in person, by phone, text, letter or email.

And then what happens?

We will let you know that we have received your complaint and make a record of it at our office. We may need to contact you to talk about your complaint and what you want us to do for you.

When we have finished dealing with your complaint, we will contact you again to let you know what we have done and to make sure you are happy.

Someone else from Anchor can look at your complaint if you are still not happy and if that doesn't help you can contact the Housing Ombudsman - we can give you their details or you can find more information on their website

There are other people that may be able to help you too, like the Citizens Advice Bureau - we can give you their details too.

Who should I contact if I have a complaint?

You can speak to a support member or any of our office staff. If you would like to speak to the Housing team please contact us in person, by phone, text, letter or email.

There may be other people like your friends, family or Care Manager that can help you make a complaint.