Moving On

We understand that sometimes our tenants want to move on to live somewhere else. Maybe they have been living in shared accommodation for a while and now they want to live alone or with a partner, or maybe their housing needs have changed and they need to live somewhere more appropriate for them. Whatever the reason we will support tenants to explore the housing opportunities available to them.

As we have different types of accommodation in different locations we may have a vacancy that is suitable for someone that wants to move. If we don't already have a vacancy we may be able to find one through the network of landlords we work with. 

Our tenant's individual needs will always be our priority even if that means exploring housing opportunities outside of Anchor.

Ending your tenancy with Anchor Properties

If you decide you want to move on you will need to give notice to end your agreement.  You should write a letter and send it to us.

If you live in shared accommodation and you have a Licence to Occupy you will need to give us 4 weeks notice. Your notice has to end on the last day of a rent charging period.

If you live in a sole occupancy property and you have a Tenancy Agreement you will need to tell us you don't want to renew the agreement at least 2 months before it is due to end. You cannot end the agreement early without Anchor Properties' consent (which would only be given in exceptional circumstances).

Whatever type of tenancy document you have, you will have to pay your contractual charges up to the date the law says you have to, even if you move out before your agreement has officially ended. 

Moving out

When you move out of one of our properties you will need to:

  • pay all of your bills up to date
  • leave your room/home clean and tidy
  • take all of your belongings with you
  • leave all of the things we provided behind (we will refer to the Inventory we completed at the start of your tenancy to check)
  • return all of your keys to us

We may have to charge you for any repairs needed in your room/home.

Your supported living services

Your housing services with Anchor Properties and your supported living services with Anchor Support Services are seperate so if you decide to end your tenancy with us, Anchor Support Services can still support you in your new home.