Our Responsibilities

As your landlord we have responsibilities and there are things we have to do for our tenants.

To look after our properties and keep them in good repair we will:

  • inspect our properties on a regular basis to see what work needs to be done and what things need to be replaced
  • arrange things like gardening, window cleaning and cleaning services to maintain high standards inside and outside your home
  • encourage you to let us know about any problems that need to be looked at
  • provide adequate furnishings (if applicable)
  • tell you how we will do work, for example we will tell you the timescale of when the repairs and maintenance will be done 
  • carry out all gas and electrical safety checks when they are due to make sure you home remains a safe place to live
  • make sure important things work properly like your heating, water, gas and electricity
  • test of the electrical appliances that we provide in your home to make sure they are safe (this is called PAT Testing)
  • make sure everything in your kitchen and bathroom is kept in good repair

You have the right to complain if you do not think we are meeting our responsibilities.