Supported Living

Supported living is for adults with a learning disability who want to live independently in shared accommodation or in their own home. We work closely with Anchor Support Services Ltd who can provide support based on peoples individual needs.   

Anchor Support Services can support people with things like:

  • household tasks (such as laundry and cleaning)
  • personal care
  • taking medication
  • attending appointments
  • budgeting, managing finances and paying bills
  • dealing with correspondence (such as letters and emails)
  • maintaining relationships with friends, family and the community
  • social and leisure activities
  • lifestyle choices.

Anchor Properties and Anchor Support Services work in partnership to help our tenants safeguard their tenancies by helping them to understand the rules and their responsibilities.

Accessing supported living services

You can access supported living using direct payment, by paying with own money or with funding directly from the local authority.

Often people with support needs have a link with a Care Manager or advocate who can help them to access supported living services.

You can contact Anchor Support Services for further information about supported living services. Call 01634 297777 or email You can also find more information on their website