General Information

Check in procedure

When you move into one our properties we will:

  • give you your tenancy documents
  • complete an inventory and a key issue form so we know what things we provided at the start of your tenancy
  • give you a copy of our tenant handbook
  • give you a rent schedule and let you know how much we think you will need to pay towards your contractual charges each week and work out a payment plan with you

Contractual charges

You will be charged rent and service charges for your accommodation (also known as contractual charges). The amount you will be charged will depend on the size and type of property you live in.

Rent is the money you are charged when you live in a property that is owned by someone else.

Service charges cover the costs of the housing services we provide like housing management, planned and responsive repairs and maintenance, grounds maintenance and cleaning services.

We have worked closely with Medway Council to work out contractual charges for each of our properties that are fair and a true reflection of our company’s overheads and spending plans.

We review all of our charges every year.

Housing benefit

People on a low income who rent a home can claim housing benefit to help pay their rent and service charges. We generally expect all of our tenants to be eligible for housing benefit and we can help you to apply for benefit or update your existing claim.

Tenant’s housing benefit is usually paid directly to us and they pay us the difference between their award and their actual charges (the shortfall).

In our experience the majority of a tenant’s contractual charges are covered by housing benefit and tenants only have to pay the charges that are ineligible for housing benefit themselves (ineligible charges). The amount of ineligible charges will depend on the size and type of property but the average amount is around £8.00 - £10.00 per week.

Paying charges

We will give you a rent schedule which will tell you how much the contractual charges are for your accommodation, how much housing benefit you have been awarded and how much you need to pay yourself and when by.

If your housing benefit award is amended or there are any other changes that affect the amounts you need to pay we will amend your Rent Schedule and send you a new one.

If you miss a payment we will send you a reminder letter. If you have difficulty keeping up with your payments we can talk about ways to help you.

Household bills

The gas, electric, water rates and communal TV Licence for shared housing are included in our service charges. Tenants in shared housing pay an equal share towards other bills such as the telephone bill.

Tenants that live alone are responsible for all of the household bills and the accounts will be in their own name.

Before you move into one of our properties we will let you know what bills you will need to pay and how much they may be.

If there is something you are not sure about

We understand that this is a lot of information for new tenants to think about. We always work with our tenants to help them understand how things work and our Housing team are always on hand if you ever have any questions.